Security Cameras, 2 Pack GOAOFOEOI 1080P WiFi Full Metal Case Cameras for...

Security Cameras, 2 Pack GOAOFOEOI 1080P WiFi Full Metal Case Cameras for Home Security Outdoor…

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Product Description




What’s you will get:


1. IR Night Vision

2. Motion Detection Area Set

3. Real-time Alerts

4. Two-way Talk

5. Multiple Remote Access

6. SD Card/Cloud Storage

7. Video Repaly

1. Camera*2

2. Mouting kit*2

3. Power Supply *2

4. Antenne*2

5. Operation instruction*1

GOAOFOEOI Surveillance Cameras For Home Security

Protect Your Home and Courtyard Inside & Ouside Day & Night

GOAOFOEOI security cameras can protect house/office/street/garage/mall all the time. With 2.8MM 3MP HD lens, this camera provides clear picture. When you set the camera’s alert, as soon as there is a suspicious motion in the monitoring range, an alert will be generated immediately and it will be uploaded as videos. At the same time, the alert will be sent to your mobile phone and it can be downloaded on your phone easily.

Warm Tips :

Only work with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi(Not 5Ghz Wi-Fi)

You can use microSD card(up to 128,not included) or cloud storage as you choose

It needs a wall plug and is not battery powered

Please ensure the distance of your camera and wifi is less than 32.8 feet

Your WIFI network needs to be stable

Use your mobile phone’s 4G/5G network to watch videos or receive alerts after connecting the camera




[Real-time Alert]

[Real-time Alert]



[US Server Cloud & Privacy Data]

The server of this camera is in USA. Any operation can get a quick response, low latency. We pay special attention to your security and privacy data. Our safe Financial Encryption Technology can protect your data and privacy most.

[Real-time Alert]

GOAOFOEOI wireless outdoor camera supports customized motion detection zones and real-time motion alert via APP. It will reduce the false alarms with AI human detection and adjustable sensitivity.

[120° View & Night Vision]

You can get the most visual and clearest experience with our 3MP & 120 ° large wide angle lens. With 12 infrared LEDs, you can easily remotely monitor your house and courtyard day or night.







[3MP Lens &1080P HD]

GOAOFOEOI outdoor security camera can provide you HD 1080P picture or video with 3MP lens. You can clearly grasp every detail in life and better protect your family.

[Weather Proof]

This security cameras gains the IP65 Waterproof certification, and it can withstand temperature ranges from -4°F to 140°F(-20°C to 60°C).

[Multiple Users]

This camera can be bundled with several mobile devices. You can observe the situation of home or courtyard in real-time to share happiness with family or protect your family.



Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Can i use SD card for storage?

A:Sure you can use Micro SD card for storage and our camera support 128 G Micro SD Max.

Q:Do these cameras have to be connected to a power outlet?

A:Yes, it need to be connected to a power outlet.

Q:How to connect to alexa?

A:1. First find the operator “meshare” through the alexa account to bind=>2. Synchronize the device in the alexa terminal =>3. On-demand video on alexa terminal.

Q:After the camera has been used for a period of time, why is it disconnected and then the red light flashes?

A:1. Check whether the router network connected to the device is normal; 2. Make sure that the connected SSID and password have not changed;

3. Reset the camera/power off and restart, scan the code to reconfigure the network (the reset button is located in the card slot at the bottom of the camera, long press for 3-5s to clear the network information of the camera pairing)

Q:What is the working mechanism of the SD card? Why can’t my phone detect the camera’s SD card?

1. Confirm the format of the SD card; our camera supports 1. FAT32; 2. exFAT two formats of SD card, you can check the format of your SD card on your computer; 2. Confirm the direction of the card, (make sure the direction of the card is correct); 3. Insert the card after power off, (hot swap is not supported). After the SD card is full, the previous records will be overwritten periodically.

Q:Is wifi required for these cameras to work and how far does the wifi connection reach?

A:The camera needs WIFI to work. It will be better if the distance between the camera and WIFI is within 32.8 ft.

If you have any other problem when using our camera, we will give you a satisfy solution!

【1080P Full HD & IR Night Vision】With 120° wide angle view and 3MP lens, our outside camera covers more spaces and creates clearer high quality images and videos all the time. This camera has 12 advanced infrared LED lights, so you can get high quality and light images up to 40ft in darkness. (Note: 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network only, not for 5.0GHz)
【Full Metal Camera & Weather Proof】This camera uses top metal material, easier heat dissipation. Lower temperature is safer for you. IP65 Waterproof, it can withstand temperature ranges from -4°F to 140°F(-20°C to 60°C). This motion security camera is strong enough to withstand storm,lighting and snowy weather and vandal resistant.
【Smart Motion Detection & Real-time Alerts & US Server Cloud】You can set the monitoring area and it can reduce false alarms. Real-time alert and immediate notification, automatically save snapshots and 10s videos to SD card or cloud storage. Download easily. Server of this camera is in US. Any operation can get a quick response. Low latency.
【SD Card/Cloud Service & Work With Alexa】Support micro SD card(up to 128G,not included), first 30-days free clould service. Our safe financial encryption technology can protect your data and privacy most. Perfectly compatible with Alexa. You can ask alexa to display the live feed of your camera directly on the screen of your Echo Show.
【Two-Way Audio & Multiple Remote Access】With great noise cancellation speaker and built-in microphone, it allows you to communicate with your family or strangers conveniently and clearly. Talk with your elders, kids, postman or warm uninvited people. Multiple accounts sharing, your family and friends can view video simultaneously.