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The advancement of technology has allowed the humble doorbell to evolve into a sophisticated security asset that gives you greater control over the safety of your home.

Video doorbells may have once been considered a luxury item for those looking for the latest gadget, but greater accessibility, affordability and a range of beneficial security features have turned them into an essential asset in any home.

With 194,100 Australian households experiencing a break-in between 2021 and 2022 1, installing a smart doorbell camera can help to protect the home. The range of smart features includes video analytics that detects motion around the front door, one of the most exposed areas of the home.

ADT Security recently launched a wireless video doorbell (ADC-VDB780B) and smart chime for integration into existing ADT Security Systems. This smart doorbell package is completely wireless, operating through a Wi-Fi connection that gives users complete flexibility to install the device in the best location without having to rely on existing wiring. The simple installation and ease of functionality makes ADT’s doorbell camera an ideal security solution for most homes.

Features of the best video doorbells.

Here are some of the key features that make ADT’s wireless video doorbell a growing must-have for the home.

Two-way audio communication.

Modern video doorbells also feature intercom capabilities that allow homeowners to speak to visitors at the door and vice versa. The audio communication typically operates through a designated program or app, like the ADT home security smartphone app, giving you the freedom to speak to whoever is at the front door from wherever you are.

Advanced motion detection capabilities.

Video doorbells have an in-built camera that allows you to see a live video feed of what is happening at any time of the day. These real-time feeds can be accessed at any point through a designated program or app, and because the cameras are constantly operating, they can detect movement at any time and send a notification straight to your device. This allows you to know when someone is at the door before they even ring the bell, or help you to see who is trying to reach you even when you’re not home.

Wireless installation.

As the name implies, wireless video doorbells do require a connection to primary power through the home, meaning installation does not include complicated and expensive rewiring. They can be positioned anywhere you desire and will operate on a Wi-Fi connection, giving you complete freedom over their location at any time.

How wireless video doorbell features benefit your lifestyle

For those worried about unwanted visitors, the sight of a doorbell camera is often enough of a deterrent. If required, a video doorbell can be set to capture motion-triggered video footage that can be stored for future reference. This can be particularly useful for those concerned about suspicious activity around their home as the video clips can be shared with the local police for identification purposes.

With the rise of online shopping, video doorbells are also becoming an essential asset for deterring parcel theft. The doorbell camera can help to curb this issue by providing the user with an immediate alert as soon as the parcel has been delivered and the front door can be monitored remotely until the package has been safely retrieved.

ADT’s video doorbell also features:

  • A rechargeable battery pack with an optimised battery life of up to six months of charge
  • high definition (HD) 1080 pixel recording capability
  • 160-degree horizontal field of view (FOV)

Live, high-definition video capabilities and two-way audio allows users to view and communicate directly through the camera, regardless of whether you’re home. As soon as someone rings the doorbell, it chimes and simultaneously sends a notification for you to answer the door from wherever they may be.

Suitable for both homeowners and renters, wireless video doorbells are an accessible modern solution that help protect the home and give owners peace of mind. Installation and usability have never been easier, which can make anyone feel like they have the best technology keeping them safe.

For more security tips and solutions, visit or call us on 131238 for further advice from our team of licenced professionals.



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The perceived time and costs associated with installing a sophisticated security system may be a barrier for homeowners who believe that locks and a neighbourhood watch sticker are enough to keep their home secure. However, the evolution of security technology is challenging those perceptions, with advanced systems becoming more accessible for a wider demographic of homeowners looking to keep their homes and families safe.

ADT’s latest security solution, the next-generation IQ Panel (IQ Panel 4) is the next step in comprehensive home security. The IQ Panel 4 is a smart home security dashboard that offers a few more features than the typical alarm system, including Dual SRF featuring PowerG, which provides long-range, secure, encrypted, wireless security that’s compatible with legacy security systems already installed in the home or building. Its SmartMount installation system also provides easy wall or table stand mounting options, including the new IQ Base Table Stand Subwoofer.

The IQ Panel 4 utilises a high-performance IoT solution, designed to deliver a responsive, user-friendly and overall superior computing experience, robust camera features and multiple connectivity options. With additional features including Bluetooth disarming, a built-in glass break detector, live view and answer capabilities, and even a built-in QuadSound speaker system that lets users stream music over Bluetooth, the IQ Panel 4 is much more than security: it’s a smart home solution.

Modern features to take your alarm system to the next level

ADT’s IQ Panel 4 is the best example of the progress made in home security alarm systems, providing not only a hub for security functions like house-wide alarms that would alert occupants to potential home intruders, but also provide a sense of integration with other everyday activities to make any home feel like a smart home. While traditional security panels provided a convenient nerve centre to operate the entire system from one location, installation time and costs were often a barrier for many homeowners who were unsure if the effort was worth the investment. Significant advances in wireless technology have led to security panels like the IQ Panel 4 that provide users with a much more immersive experience that caters to more than just security.

Today’s home security and alarm systems leverage exciting new features such as:


Panels can be mounted wherever it is most convenient, and then detached and re-mounted whenever your routine and lifestyle preferences change. They can also link to mobile devices, like the ADT Security App, and be operated remotely.


Modern security panels will often feature in-built speakers and microphones that allow people to communicate without the need of a phone, whether that be to people at your front door or emergency services or your security provider’s monitoring team.


Panels are often more than just a security accessory, but a hub for all smart appliances and IoT functions throughout the home. Utilising Bluetooth or wireless connectivity, security panels can help set timers on lights, air conditioning and door locks, or help set security alerts and notifications.

Artificial intelligence.

Video analytics are growing into an essential part of security and leverages AI to make decisions for you after identifying movement from sources such as people, vehicles, and animals. Through security panels you can receive alerts based on programmed preferences, such as when a car enters the driveway during the day, a person enters the property, or when an animal is roaming around the backyard.

Home security alarm systems from ADT

For more tips and solutions, visit or call us on 131238 for further advice from our team of licenced professionals.

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The safety and wellbeing of our elderly loved ones and lone workers is always of paramount importance but monitoring certain emergency situations in real-time has sometimes been challenging. Fortunately, innovative solutions using advanced technology are helping to close the gaps for those who require round-the-clock monitoring and assistance. ADT Security’s latest product, Safe-N-Go, is a personal safety device that’s revolutionising how we protect and support those who need it most, no matter where they are.

However, Safe-N-Go is more than just a personal safety device. It empowers individuals to embrace a more independent and secure lifestyle with confidence. This discreet and lightweight personal alarm system acts as a lifeline, providing peace of mind to both the wearer and their concerned loved ones or responsible managers looking for a solution to help protect staff. With Safe-N-Go, individuals can live their lives to the fullest, knowing that help is just a press of a button away.

Unparalleled features for uncompromised safety

Safe-No-Go offers a range of exceptional benefits and features designed to provide individuals with enhanced security and peace of mind, including:

Dedicated SOS alarm. Safe-N-Go is equipped with a dedicated SOS alarm that’s instantly activated by the user by double pressing a button, which immediately notifies highly trained monitoring professionals who are ready to immediately respond to people in an emergency.

Real-time location information. Leveraging advanced GPS, BLE, Wi-Fi, and LBS technologies, Safe-N-Go provides accurate and up-to-date location tracking. This comprehensive system lets those responsible for the safety of their loved ones or lone worker field teams stay connected and informed about their whereabouts, regardless of their location.

Two-way communication. With two-way, hands-free voice communication, the wearer can establish immediate contact with ADT’s trained monitoring team by talking into the device. This will ensure they receive swift assistance and support during emergencies, providing peace of mind in critical situations.

Voice and vibration status. Experience a heightened sense of reassurance with Safe-N-Go’s auditory and tactile feedback system. When the SOS alarm is activated, the wearer will receive clear voice prompts and vibration notifications, providing confirmation that the distress call has been successfully transmitted and received.

Easy charging. Safe-N-Go simplifies the charging process, ensuring that it remains powered up and ready to provide round-the-clock support. Simply place the device on the charging base and connect the USB cable from the charging base to the AC adaptor. A light from the base will glow when charging and turn solid when fully charged.

Lightweight and waterproof. Designed with both comfort and durability in mind, the Safe-N-Go pendant is lightweight and ergonomically crafted. Its waterproof rating of IP67 guarantees complete protection against dust and powerful water jets.

Ability to cancel false alarms. Accidental triggers happen, and when they do, Safe-N-Go provides wearers with the ability to swiftly deactivate a false alarm. In the case of a false alarm, simply press the SOS button once after the voice prompt says: “SOS alert has been activated, click SOS to stop.” The voice prompt will then say: “Alarm has been cancelled” to confirm the action.

Personal emergency location devices from ADT

Safe-N-Go empowers loved ones and lone workers to embrace independence and security like never before. With its exceptional features and reliable functionality, it offers a professional-grade, personal wellbeing solution that keeps the wearer connected, protected, and in control.

For more tips and solutions, visit or call us on 131 238 for further advice from our team of licenced professionals.

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The term ‘geofencing’ may contain connotations of technology far advanced for the average household, but this location-based feature is growing in prominence as a security benefit and an essential tool for giving homeowners, families and business owners reassurance and control over their environment.

What is geofencing and how does it work?

Geofencing is a location-based technology that works off Wi-Fi or RFID signals, and can be managed via a Z-Wave-powered smart panel or with a mobile device using an app, such as the ADT mobile app.

Geofencing technology creates virtual boundaries in real-world geographical areas and can be drawn in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Users can fully customise them to suit specific needs, like monitoring select rooms in the home or the perimeter around an entire property.

Setting up geofencing security around the home is a particularly useful security tool as it uses location data to trigger events or notifications. A geofence around your property, for example, will alert you when it is crossed, allowing you to know in real time when someone is entering your home (with or without permission), or if a pet or child has wandered off outside of the designated geofenced zone. Even businesses can leverage the benefits of geofencing, by setting virtual zones around restricted areas or after-hour entry points to monitor unauthorised movements. Ultimately it is a way to monitor the comings and goings around your home and neighbourhood no matter where you are, giving you peace of mind that your pets, children and possessions are safe even when you’re at work or on holiday.

Geofencing home automation helps make life easier and homes smarter

Geofencing perimeters provide a useful virtual security tool that gives you real time knowledge of movements in a specified geographical location, but what makes it an essential tool in any security system is its wider variety of applications.

Geofencing virtual zone monitoring is layered into ADT Security’s automated security systems, integrating geographical and notification data to create location-based automated functions around the home. This location awareness provides an added level of system flexibility and helps to ensure that your home security system’s notifications are relevant to your specific needs. So if you have ever left your home and forgotten to lock the door, turn off lights, close the garage door, or arm your security system, geofencing home automation can be your new best friend. It can give you reminders or even do those things automatically for you.

Geofencing applications for a smart home

Here are some of the smart home system applications that geofencing can provide.

Arming reminders. Geofencing can be programmed to detect your own movement in and out of designated zones. This allows you to set location-based arming reminders that will notify you if your security system isn’t armed, in the event you forget to arm it when you leave the home.

Appliance automation. From lights to electrical appliances, ADT’s interactive security system is compatible with several accessories operating on Z-Wave technology that can operate automatically within geofence perimeters. For example, you can set geofencing applications to turn lights on and off when you enter or leave an area, welcoming you into a room and preventing unnecessary energy use when a room is unoccupied. Location-based system automation gives you a range of abilities like locking doors, switching on lights and setting the alarm when you cross a geofence to leave the home.

Video recording. Similar to controlling appliances, when you cross your customised geofences, you can also use geo-services to automatically pause ADT home security video recording rules when you are at home.

Geofencing applications today include more than just intruder monitoring and security tripwires. They give homeowners a greater sense of control over their space, helping to improve lifestyle quality by monitoring security, alarms and energy use across the home.

For more security tips and solutions, visit or call us on 131238 for further advice from our team of licenced professionals.

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Winter’s colder temperatures and shorter days can provide a number of opportunities for break ins. Whether you’re heading to bed early or still at work as the sun goes down, burglars may be tempted by a greater number of inactive households.

Protecting your home should be a priority year-round, however during winter it is especially important to take the following security precautions to minimise the likelihood of break ins. These precautions also help to allow you to feel cosy this winter, and not in a constant state of alert.

Check, maintain and install outdoor sensor lights

Break ins can be an easier task in the dark, or where visibility is minimal. Inspect your home for potential hiding spots or places where visibility is limited, paying particular attention to points of entry like doors and easy-to-reach windows. These are key areas to install sensor lights, which will turn on automatically when movement is detected. This can significantly deter burglars who hope to operate in the safety of darkness. If your home is already equipped with outdoor sensor lights, it is important to check the bulbs and ensure they still function properly, and to repair or replace them if they are faulty or ageing.

Address your perimeter and remove security risks

Homes may be more likely to experience break ins if they are easier to approach. Weakened perimeters and elements that obstruct a view to the street can be taken advantage of. By taking stock of your existing boundaries, you can highlight areas of weakness and take action to resolve them. Gaps in fencing, for example, should be filled and any damaged fence panels replaced. Similarly, if you have an inadequate garden wall then this will need attention – robust hedging and garden plants should be trimmed to prevent opportunities for burglars to hide.

Update your smoke alarms

While heaters help provide comfort during winter, their increased use can increase the risk of fire. If you haven’t checked your smoke alarms recently, now is the time.

Smoke alarms should be installed on every level of the home and on or near the ceiling of every corridor leading to a bedroom. On levels without bedrooms, smoke alarms should be installed in the path of travel that people would likely take to evacuate the building. Be sure to replace old batteries and test your smoke alarms to ensure they still function.

For added peace of mind, ADT Security can install compatible smoke alarms that integrate with your monitored home security system, allowing ADT Security’s response centre to send a notification to your phone if the smoke alarm is triggered. This ensures you are alerted about a potential fire regardless of whether you are inside the home or away. ADT also provides a visible reminder on the alarm panel when the battery needs changing.

Stay comfortable with ADT interactive security

Thanks to modern security solutions, the threat of a winter break in is significantly reduced with a home security system you can monitor anywhere. The ADT Interactive Security App allows you to arm and disarm your home security system directly from your smart device, whether it be an Android or Apple device. This allows you to switch on alarms and monitoring devices if you forgot before leaving the house, remotely preventing the chance of falling victim to an opportunistic break in attempt.

Winter’s cold may not deter crime but understanding the risks and taking the proper precautions can ensure the home stays safe and comfortable.

For more security tips and solutions, visit our website or call us on 131 238 for further advice from our team of licenced professionals.

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Protecting our homes and loved ones should always be a top priority. In the 2020-21 financial year, an estimated 171,600 Australian households experienced a break-in, while an estimated 179,400 households experienced an attempted break-in 1. With figures like these, the impulse may be to visit the local hardware store or electronics retailer to purchase a security camera off the shelf. While a DIY option may seem like the simplest solution, it’s important to understand the level of security that is right for your home. Considering all the options rather than settling on a convenient quick fix may also deliver more benefits than improved security alone.

Investing in a professionally installed and monitored security system from ADT Security offers many advantages depending on your lifestyle and the types of valuables you’re wanting to protect. For example, those who are often away from home for long periods of time may benefit from 24/7 back to base monitoring, a service which can help to initiate action when occupants are not available. Homeowners storing precious high value items, including jewellery, sporting equipment and vehicles, may feel more comfortable engaging a professional home security company to install a security system that is tailored to their property’s unique needs.

Having the right level of security allows you to feel more confident that the people you care about and your valued possessions are protected. Here are some considerations that come with professionally installed and monitored security.

Access to the latest security technology

Unlike DIY security products, a reliable home security system is one that is installed in line with your home and lifestyle needs. Engaging licenced security experts allows you to discuss your needs and develop a customised system using trusted products featuring the latest technology. ADT Security, for example, offers a choice of cameras to suit different requirements and budgets, from simple standalone live-streaming Wi-Fi cameras to CCTV systems for those who require a continuous visual feed, and recording, of what is transpiring at home. These options also feature new technology with integrated devices to create an intuitive smart home system that can be remotely monitored and controlled through ADT’s highly secure app.

24/7 monitoring strengthens safety and peace of mind

True security for the home does not stop with a camera at the front door. Professional security services provide backup with 24/7 monitoring that surpasses basic surveillance. ADT Security’s monitored security systems are connected to our 24-hour Grade A1 monitoring centre fitted with state-of-the-art equipment. Our response centre is staffed by a team of highly skilled responders who are trained to act quickly and decisively to any situation.

ADT’s monitoring centre is audited by the Australian Security Industry Association Limited (ASIAL), which is the national peak body for security organisations and professionals in Australia and is bound by strict Australian Standards (AS2201.2-2004). As a graded A1 facility – the highest grade available – ADT’s monitoring centre features high-quality monitoring equipment, building services and staff competency. ADT’s trained monitoring centre team will respond to an alert within 180 seconds regardless of the time of day, with either a call or text message to the occupant who can authorise ADT Security’s 24/7 patrol car service to investigate the situation or call the appropriate emergency services if required.

Professional security services like ADT are committed to your safety and security by offering a level of peace of mind that unmonitored DIY solutions can’t offer.

Ongoing technical support

Like most electronic equipment, modern security systems need to be regularly maintained and upgraded to ensure the system continues to operate reliably. ADT Security’s systems are installed by licensed technicians who use reputable equipment and provide a guarantee that the products are installed correctly. Technicians are experts in their field and can help you to make the right decisions when choosing the best security system for your home or business. This doesn’t mean suggesting an expensive or complicated system; ADT Security technicians will take the time to carry out an assessment of your property and consider your lifestyle needs and safety concerns to ensure they install the ideal solution for you with your budget in mind. They will also provide tips and advice to ensure you know how to use your system correctly, how to maintain your system, and how to troubleshoot certain scenarios.

Trusting a professional security provider ultimately delivers greater peace of mind which is harder to achieve with a DIY solution. From modern systems to technical support and additional security services, leaving it to the professionals is the best way to protect the most important things in your life.

For more security tips and solutions, visit our website or call us on 131238 for further advice from our team of licenced professionals.


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Price: price a - (Details)

Product Description


2.4Ghz Wifi Camera

With a 3DB wifi enhanced antenna, our security camera gets greater coverage and stronger penetration wifi connection than others. Satisfy your sense of security at all times!


Auto Tracking

Security cameras can record both continuously and motion detection. When motion is detected, the PIR Sensor will push accurate motion notifications in real-time upon any triggered human detection. The surveillance camera will return to the initial position after automatic tracking. And you’re able to know what happens exactly around your house even when you’re away.


Two Storage Ways

Cloud service plan or Micro sd card, you can choose one of them for recordings and playback. Security outdoor cameras support up to 128GB micro SD card (Not included), and sd card support 24/7 recording. Either happy moments or important proof videos are saved safely and privately.

Privacy Protection: This home security system adopts financial encryption. Authorization of the main user is required to view and ensure privacy.


Multi-Users Sharing & Multi-Usage Scenario

Outside cameras for home security allow multiple people to view and playback at the same time through the “MIPC” APP. All users can receive get calls and alert notifications anywhere.

Security Camera is an ideal choice for multi-usage scenario—office/home/garage/warehouse/courtyard/shopping/office, etc. Compared with traditional cameras, it’s easier for you to check it from your device at any time and anywhere.

IP cameraIP camera









IP66 Waterproof

With the rugged body and upgrade lens, these security cameras can keep guard anywhere, outdoor or indoor, and in any harsh weather conditions.

Works with Alexa

Wifi security camera outdoor works with Alexa. Go hands-free with Alexa, view the camera live feed with a simple voice command.

Works on Multi Devices

Smart dome camera supports smartphones (iOS, Android), tablets (iPad, Android), PC(Mac OS, Windows). It is the most convenient way to watch from anywhere, anytime.

SD card storage

Recommend the use of standard Class 10 SD cards, only the FAT32 format is supported. Please insert the SD card when the camera is off, and the side with the chip is facing up.

What’s included in box

2 * Outdoor security Cameras

1 * User Manual

2 * Power Supply Adapter

2 * Ethernet Cable

8 * Screw Pack & Accessories

Warm Tips:

Only work with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi router, not work with 5Ghz Wi-Fi.

No complex special characters in your wifi password.

Operating temperature: -20° to 55° C(−4 °F – 131 °F)

Only supports MIPC App, other third-party apps are not supported.

The sd card needs to be formatted into default mode before using it.

If you want to re-connect it, please delete the camera from your account before you reset it.

The security camera supports up to 128 G Micro SD (not include the Micro SD card ) and cloud storage. It supports wifi connection, but needs a power cable for connection, it is not a rechargeable battery camera.

Frequently Q&A on Security Outdoor Cameras

What GHz does the cameras for home security run on?

The outdoor cameras for home security need to connect 2.4ghz wifi all the time to work well.

Why can’t I connect these security cameras to my WiFi?

Before connecting, please make sure that your router is 2.4Ghz. If it is a dual-band model, you need to temporarily turn off the 5Ghz network, and also please check if your wifi password is correct. Or you could connect directly with an Ethernet cable then set the connection to WiFi in the “WiFi settings” in the app.

Does the camera need to connect the power supply all the time?

Yes, it needs to be plugged into an outlet for continuous power. Wireless means that this wifi camera transmits data via 2.4 GHz WiFi.

Can this record 24/7 continuous to the SD card and still alert your phone when there is motion?

Yes it records the video continuously all the time to your SD card, and you can control notifications on your app.

Do I have to subscribe cloud service to use the camera?

No. Cloud Storage is optional. Users can use the camera without subscribing cloud storage.

Does the camera support with third-party software/System/NVR?

No. This outdoor camera currently only supports MIPC application.

【Upgrade connection & Easy to Setup】 Morecam security camera support two-dimensional code connection and AP hotspot connection, making Surveillance Camera easier and faster to connect 2.4GHz WiFi. Without any complicated tools, the complete outside cameras for home security can be set up, installed, and ready to use within 5 minutes.
【IP66 Waterproof & Pan/Tilt 360°View】 Security camera with 355° Pan /90° Tilt and 110° wide-angle and an 8X digital zoom controlled via the MIPC app, it will provide a clear wide video of any area you wish to monitor. This security camera has been certified IP66 waterproof to endure extreme weather conditions – rain, hail, storm, tornado, snow, and scorching heat, with a supported temperature range from -4°F to 131°F, it can protect every inch of your house throughout the year.
【1080P FHD & IR Night Vision 】 This outdoor camera for home security providing High-resolution images and video in 1080P HD. This home security camera provides stunning night vision with 8 infrared LEDs, whether it is night or day, it will provide a clear wide video of any area you wish to monitor. The camera can be installed almost anywhere, such as garage, yard, outdoor/indoor, shop, office, warehouse.
【PIR Motion & Customizable Detection】 Built-in PIR motion sensor, with Motion Detection, Human Body Tracking, and Sound Detection, and you can also use the APP Alarm to scare away the thieves. Customizable detection alerts notification time and recording time period, this best outdoor camera lets you easily grasp the situation around your house. This surveillance camera support multiple family members sharing and allows linking Alexa Echo Show – View live streams.
【Two-Way audio & 2 Way Storage】 With a built-in microphone and speaker, supports real-time two-way audio calls. You can use the APP remotely to communicate with carriers or visitors clearly and fluently. This outdoor security cameras adopt financial encryption, you can store all of your 24/7 recorded security surveillance footage anywhere anytime using a Micro SD card (not included, supports up to 128G) and Cloud storage

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Australia has one of the highest pet ownership rates in the world with 61 per cent having at least one animal as a companion 1. Pet ownership spiked during the pandemic to keep singles, couples and families company while they were housebound 2.

As a loving pet parent, it’s only natural to wonder what they are getting up to while you’re not home. Using security cameras to keep an eye on pets has become a popular way to stay connected and check that furry friends are happy and not getting up to mischief.

For pet owners, the capabilities of live-streaming cameras have many benefits, particularly when young puppies or kittens are still settling in. As we spend more time away from home, these cameras make it easier to understand in real time whether pets are fretting or barking when on their own or doing something naughty like digging up the garden. With app enabled cameras, being able to see your pets while out and about can be very reassuring.

Installing an ADT Home Security system helps to protect both your home and its occupants, making it a smart solution for those with pets. When combined with indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi cameras connected to the ADT mobile app, you can check in on pets remotely 24/7 from your phone, PC or tablet as long as you have access to the internet.

Here are three reasons why you should use ADT Security Wi-Fi Cameras to keep watch over your pets:

Capture candid moments

The reason why interacting with pets and animals makes us feel good is because they trigger our brain’s responses to empathy, which explains why watching pet videos is a popular pastime. Make sure you don’t miss a thing by capturing your pet’s candid moments on camera. ADT’s Wi-Fi cameras allow you to save video clips so you can watch them at any time and share the memories with friends and family.

Monitor your pet’s wellbeing

If you’re the proud owner of a new puppy, or have an animal who suffers from separation anxiety, using live-streaming Wi-Fi cameras to monitor their wellbeing can quickly let you know that they’re okay. Yelping, scratching, and bad behaviour such as digging holes can also be signs of anxiety or boredom which should be monitored closely. ADT also provides the ability to save clips of your pets, which can be shown when seeking professional advice or treatment.

Integrate technology with pet-friendly sensors

ADT home security systems are pet friendly with sensors that can be programmed to ensure animals can roam around the home undetected without compromising your home’s ability to detect intruders. With advancements in motion technology, you can have a full security system without worrying your pets will trigger a false alarm thanks to infrared technology that distinguishes between animal and human movements based on size and weight. ADT’s Wi-Fi cameras, not only allow you to view footage and save video clips, but the two-way audio also lets you listen in or speak to them directly.

Whether you are away for a few hours running errands, at work for the day, or away on holidays and leaving your pets in the hands of a pet minder, ADT security systems offer a reliable solution to ensure you and your pets remain connected at all times.

For further details about our home security and personal safety solutions, call us on 13 12 38.



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Price: ($3.94 / Ounce)
(as of Sep 27,2023 18:55:49 UTC – Details)

eufy Security Solo IndoorCam P24 Protects You, Your Family, and Your Privacy Every eufy Security product is engineered to ensure your security data is kept private. Have peace of mind that you will have a secure record of everything that happens around your home. Know When You Are Needed The built-in AI notifies you of excessive noise levels so you know when your little one needs some attention. Activity Zones Only receive the alerts that matter. Customize the area in which detection takes place to suit your home. Sight at Night Advanced night vision allows you to keep an eye on any room, even in low light. 360° Check-Up Get a full view of the entire room at the press of a button. What’s Included: 1x eufy Security Indoor Cam Pan & Tilt, 1x USB Adapter, 1x USB Cable, 1x Mounting Bracket, 1x Screw Pack, 1x Quick Start Guide Notes: Non-Waterproof HomeBase not compatible Requires MicroSD card (not included) Only supports 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connections Upgrade firmware to v. or newer When opening HomeKit, users must add the device in the eufy Security app and then complete the activation process. Does Solo IndoorCam P24 connect to eufyCam HomeBase? No, it is a standalone product which connects to the user’s home Wi-Fi network.
Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 2.97 x 2.97 x 4.21 inches; 7.65 Ounces
Item model number ‏ : ‎ T8410
Batteries ‏ : ‎ 1 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
Date First Available ‏ : ‎ February 26, 2020
Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ eufy
ASIN ‏ : ‎ B0856W45VL

Relevant Recordings: The on-device AI determines whether a human or pet is present and only records when an event of interest occurs.
The Key is in the Detail: View every event in up to 2K clarity (1080P while using HomeKit) so you see exactly what is happening inside your home.
Smart Integration: Connect your IndoorCam to Apple HomeKit (download our HomeKit User guide in the product information section below), the Google Assistant, or Amazon Alexa for complete control over your surveillance.
Follows the Action: When motion is detected the camera automatically tracks and follows the moving object. Pan the lens 360° horizontally or tilt it 96° vertically to get a clear view of the whole room.
Communicate From Your Camera: Speak in real-time to anyone who passes via the camera’s built-in two-way audio.

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Price: price a - (Details)

From the brand

indoor cameraindoor camera

Indoor Security Camera

Indoor security camera

【Advanced Night Vision & 2-Way Audio】IR night vision up to 33 ft. for extreme low light environment, ensuring your high-quality view of your home even in complete darkness. Our indoor security camera allows two-way communication with your loved ones via your smartphone at anywhere.
【Human Motion Detection & Real Time Alerts】Our home camera supports human being filtering function which can reduce false alarms caused by light changes or insect flying. Alert notifications will be sent to your phone immediately if a human motion is detected. Adjust the sensitivity of detection to ensure that you will not be disturbed by frequent alarms.
【90-day Free Cloud & Max 128G Micro SD Card Storage(SD card not included)】This wifi camera supports cloud storage and built-in microSD slot. You will get a free continuous 14-day cycle recording for 90 days of all detected movements in the Cloud to make sure you can playback the video records at anytime and don’t miss any good moment
【Work with Alexa & Stylish and Compact Design 】The pet camera can be install in any where such as living room, baby room and office. It does not take up space at all, but brings a real-time monitoring environment with a larger field of view. The home security camera works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks (Not support to 5GHz).Connect the APP and Alexa to display the live feed of your wifi camera directly on the screen of your Echo Show.
【Multi-users & Multiple View】The baby monitor supports device sharing(iPhone and Android devices), allowing multiple users to watch the camera’s real-time monitoring at the same time, you could share the happy moments of life with relatives and friends.The wireless camera also can add multiple cameras and display 4 live videos on one screen, more convenient for you to view multiple rooms in your home at the same time.

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A powerful wireless Wifi camera with powerful HD streaming and smart home integration! With a unique magnetic mount system, you can place the Geeni FREEBIRD just about anywhere with no wiring or hub required. Unlike other outdoor security cameras, the Geeni FREEBIRD outdoor camera features a powerful 9,000mAh battery that lasts up to 3 months and is fully rechargeable with the included USB charging cable, or can be plugged in with the AC Adapter. Clear 1080p livestream surveillance right to your smart device so you can check in on your home any time, anywhere. Use the Geeni app to control the FREEBIRD surveillance camera system and integrate it into your smart home! With automatic night vision, 130 degree viewing angle and IP65 weatherproof rating, the FREEBIRD is perfect for any situation and fully adaptable to watch over whatever matters to you.
SMART SECURITY: Monitor your house, driveway, or door, and stream live video right from your phone, or through your Voice Assistant device. Two-way talk lets you communicate without opening the door.
SUPERIOR PERFORMANCE: With enhanced infrared night vision, waterproof camera, and motion sensor alarm, the FREEBIRD delivers top-quality surveillance for use as a home surveillance camera, driveway alarm, night vision camera, or door camera.
EASY MAGNETIC MOUNTING: Created with a unique magnetic-mount backing that lets you move and place just about anywhere wirelessly. Connect to metal surfaces such as gutters quickly and easily. No cables necessary!
LONG-LASTING BATTERY: The powerful 9,000mAh battery is long-lasting and rechargeable via any standard USB power source. Compact and powerful, the FREEBIRD wireless camera security system gives you power and control like no other.
NO HUB REQUIRED: Using your home’s secure 2.4GHz wifi, you can connect your Geeni FREEBIRD outdoor smart security camera to most Alexa, Google Assistant, iOS or android devices for full wide angle viewing from the safety of your home.

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Security at its Brightest. Zoom in to see and record video in 2K with HDR for a clearer, undistorted picture, day or night. Connects directly to Wi-Fi without the clutter of extra gear. The flood lights outdoor camera illuminates your property with 2000 lumens of brightness or up to 3000 lumens with the outdoor magnetic charging cable. The flood light camera is wire-free and weather-resistant to deliver fast, easy installation and flexibility to get the perfect camera view, year-round. With the floodlight wireless security camera, see important features like faces, licenses plates, and pets in full color, at night with color night vision to make the perfect surveillance camera and pet camera. Get the big picture with 160° diagonal view. Receive smarter alerts for quicker action. With 3-months of Arlo’s Secure plan included, receive notifications for people, vehicles and packages and take quicker action like sound the siren, call a friend or dial emergency services.* Ward off unwanted guests by triggering the siren or floodlight automatically or manually from the Arlo App. Works with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple HomeKit*** and Samsung SmartThings. Requires Arlo Outdoor Magnetic Charging cable (sold separately) to emit up to 3000 lumens. *Arlo Secure includes cloud recordings of video clips at 2K or lower resolution for 30 days. Renewal of an Arlo Secure subscription is required to maintain Arlo Secure features, including cloud storage, advanced object detection, rich notifications, quick responses, cloud activity zones. Arlo Secure service not available in certain counties. ****Apple HomeKit compatibility for Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight requires connection to a compatible SmartHub or Base Station – sold separately.
See a bigger picture – The security camera has a wide 160° diagonal viewing angle lens for auto image correction and reduction of the fisheye effect to make this surveillance camera ideal for protecting medium to larger spaces
Capture clearer details – The wireless outdoor security cameras with advanced video quality that records in clear 2K HDR footage to let you see clearer details and zoom in on moving objects with clarity
Light up the night – Ward off unwelcome guests with the outdoor camera using the integrated spotlight. See features like faces or license plates in full color, even at night, with color night vision
Smarter alerts, quicker action – Receive notifications from your home security cameras for people, vehicles, and packages so you can take quick action such as sound the siren, call a friend or dial emergency services, with the included, Arlo Secure trial
Respond quickly to notifications – Make this wireless outdoor security camera your front door camera to hear and speak to visitors at your door with clear, two-way audio
Coverage from every corner – This home security camera’s wire-free setup delivers increased installation flexibility to get the perfect view from your surveillance & security cameras
Arlo Secure – Includes 3-months of Arlo Secure for 30-day cloud recording, advanced object detection, rich notifications, cloud activity zones and more. Plans start at $2.99 per month for a single camera, and $9.99 for unlimited cameras